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oOki, a tailor-made sound universe

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  Domain / Music creation and sound design for a Facebook – Mobile – tablet-  game  / Illustration of a close collaboration between the Ooki studio, based in Villeurbanne (North of France) and Herges Production. Context / Penguins vs parrots is a Chess-like strategy game, where penguins and parrots are waging a ruthless war. The characters take place on a checkerboard and environments relate to the natural element of their protagonists area (jungle and ice). Objective / Strengthen assets and character design in a cartoon world without falling into a childish atmosphere. Ally a “mature warrior” environment with “fun and quirky” characters. Elements produced / Assets and interface sound design  – onomatopoeia for penguins and parrots – background music for environments – orchestrated theme music for different times of the game Réalisation / Ambiances musicales environnements : According to the specifications provided by oOki: research sounds and sfx on assets in a fun style and creation / recording of onomatopoeia in an voluntarily “off-warrior” register. Each onomatopoeia was created according to the species (penguins and parrots), but also the function, build etc … Post production of  these elements (undercoats etc …) for a dynamic rendering. Sound research  in relation to the wood and stone for the interface.     Music :Client Specifications: military-style music but always in a fun and quirky register. The Ooki studio guided us into different video links of a powerful military band, we wrote an original theme orchestrated by brass (tuba, trumpet essentially), piccolos, fifes etc … In order to make his...