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Albert Boton, type designer

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  Objective film / To discover the Latin letter, calligraphy and creating alphabets / Keep the memory of a rare and unknown expertise.

Background / The exhibition at the Library of Rueil Malmaison, October 27, 2010, “Word Games: Albert Boton graphic and type designer” to discover a profession and an artist who is one of the last great traditional and classical French designers.

In nearly 50 years of career, Albert Boton experienced lead, typesetting, the photocompposition then computer. He is the author of forty alphabets and many logos, among others: Cacharel, Erato, Lancel, Christian Dior …

Of course, the press kit provided prestigious elements, but this man both famous and humble had never been filmed!

Réalisation /Filming of ½ day – as a “tour” of the exhibition with a questionnaire adapted to the world along with a commented Berthold catalog.

Additional two hours of shooting on his drawing table to capture the gesture of the hand with pen, scratch card, an “old school technique disappeared with the coming of computer.


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Result / The charming voice and mischievous eye, Albert Boton was very natural in front of the lens, with the mixture of instinct and passion that characterizes him. We wanted a good story and a good actor, in an activity often known as arid and simple.

In the inspired and rhythmic editing, music has become outright.

Herges Production has created a small website with :


See the trailer of exposure « Jeux de lettres » (2 min 14)


Use / This modern tool allowed Albert Boton’s agent to contact journalists and solicit other venues.

Opening / This achievement has earned us praise from Gérard Caron, founder of “Carré Noir”  and admirabledesign com.:


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