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CAB Prestige Service

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CAB Service Prestige


  Domain / Tourist Transport, car rental with driver.

  Goal of the movie / Animate the site of the company / show its expertise in France and abroad.

  Contexte / Cab Service Prestige’s CEO wanted to make her service more visible and attractive, focusing on families and foreign tourists.

Directing / 4 half-day shootings

Meeting with the drivers team exceptionally met for a meal – First time group photo from the foundation in 1998 + interview with the leader with his assistant.

Bandeau clients Site HP 4

3 adults and 2 children greeted by a minibus down the stairs of Montmartre (on November 11: Windy but sunny).

A couple of young foreigners arriving in Sedan C6 in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel, Paris La Defense.


Bandeau clients Site HP 17

A trip into Paris to show off rental cars at the monuments.

Bandeau clients Site HP 18

HERGES Productionhas produced a 3 minutes commercial, including :

Résults / A Warm, ryhtmic and timeless  movie,  permanently aired on the company website

Introduction / Once the film recorded with the CEO’s voice over  in French , a second recording  in English was made. With a translation six months later in Portuguese and Spanish for a work shop of the CCIP Paris in Brazil and Argentina. Cab Service Prestige was the only company to present its video service in the language of the country (about 25 French companies, only three had a video, in english).

Herges Production offers its “foreign voice” service to  companies who want to export their image – highly profitable investment regarding the possible outcome.

Watch the Movie :