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TV IZARD, Spirit of the Pyrenees

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  Sensitive to the magic of the Pyrenees, TV Izard wants to develop and share its ecological and conscientious approach as an hiker videographer.   Initiated by Herges Production, supported by Datar Pyrenees, this “video channel altitude and proximity”, devoted exclusively to the Pyrenees (covering all activities: pastoralism, hiking, tourism, crafts, art, science, patrimony, sport, hydrotherapy) will be powered by different crossings and by different itineraries (HRP, GR10, etc.) and will continue over time.   By enrolling in the particular pace of relief up and down in a natural metric space and time, movies picked up since summer 2011 meet and complement each others, orchestrated by “Lady Mountain”. Magic! Slow speed, conditioned by the requirements of the walk, allows authentic and spontaneous meetings. Timeless! These “appointments”, filmed and sometimes captured on the fly, are determined, synchronized by physical and climatic constraints of the environment, the management body of the path, and for the attention of the hiker, from sunrise to sunset.  And word of mouth. (from Birds)   Become one with the way – be the way. By accumulating these interviews of the mountain spirit, TV Izard gradually will highlight the peculiarity of mountain areas, semi-desert, wild or semi-domesticated, where “unexpected” is rich in meaning, simplicity and learning about ourselves, what surrounds us and in us. The effort pounding senses sharpens our perception and enriches our conscience! The mountain environment is a vector and revelator the virtues of life and expression. Slow, stress, isolation are calling for decline and pledge for a return to the values...

Albert Boton, type designer

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  Objective film / To discover the Latin letter, calligraphy and creating alphabets / Keep the memory of a rare and unknown expertise. Background / The exhibition at the Library of Rueil Malmaison, October 27, 2010, “Word Games: Albert Boton graphic and type designer” to discover a profession and an artist who is one of the last great traditional and classical French designers. In nearly 50 years of career, Albert Boton experienced lead, typesetting, the photocompposition then computer. He is the author of forty alphabets and many logos, among others: Cacharel, Erato, Lancel, Christian Dior … Of course, the press kit provided prestigious elements, but this man both famous and humble had never been filmed! Réalisation /Filming of ½ day – as a “tour” of the exhibition with a questionnaire adapted to the world along with a commented Berthold catalog. Additional two hours of shooting on his drawing table to capture the gesture of the hand with pen, scratch card, an “old school technique disappeared with the coming of computer.     Result / The charming voice and mischievous eye, Albert Boton was very natural in front of the lens, with the mixture of instinct and passion that characterizes him. We wanted a good story and a good actor, in an activity often known as arid and simple. In the inspired and rhythmic editing, music has become outright. Herges Production has created a small website with :     a 2 mn video trailer with original soundtrack    a “guided tour” of 9 mn      a portfolio...

CAB Prestige Service

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    Domain / Tourist Transport, car rental with driver.   Goal of the movie / Animate the site of the company / show its expertise in France and abroad.   Contexte / Cab Service Prestige’s CEO wanted to make her service more visible and attractive, focusing on families and foreign tourists. Directing / 4 half-day shootings Meeting with the drivers team exceptionally met for a meal – First time group photo from the foundation in 1998 + interview with the leader with his assistant. 3 adults and 2 children greeted by a minibus down the stairs of Montmartre (on November 11: Windy but sunny). A couple of young foreigners arriving in Sedan C6 in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel, Paris La Defense.   A trip into Paris to show off rental cars at the monuments. HERGES Productionhas produced a 3 minutes commercial, including : 1 sequence introducing the service with original music 1 family trip in Paris – with “arrangements sur Badinerie” (Suite No. 2 in B minor) by JS Bach 1 transfer to a hotel – with arrangements of “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin. Résults / A Warm, ryhtmic and timeless  movie,  permanently aired on the company website Introduction / Once the film recorded with the CEO’s voice over  in French , a second recording  in English was made. With a translation six months later in Portuguese and Spanish for a work shop of the CCIP Paris in Brazil and Argentina. Cab Service Prestige was the only company to present its video...