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Music & Sound Design


Creativity – Quality – Compétitivité

HERGES Production offers unique solutions of  melodies and ambient sound : video game assets, animation, sounds for apps, movie, trailer, TV and web campaign….

During each step of the process : specification form – music creation , sfx, jingle, voice, onomatopeia, ambient – mixing and editing – and post production, we make sure to apply the golden rules of sound: evocative, affecting, emotional.

We’re at your service in order to creating the musical project or the soundtrack who will become the  highlight of your work,  brand or service.




Our services are aimed at companies involved in the following areas:

If you dream of original music, if your images are waiting for their OWN sound,

if you need sonar to analyze and diagnose your needs,

everything is possible according to your wishes and directions.



Creation and / or recording of :

Consulting :





Music – Haute Pression

France 2 - Envoyé spécial N°821

Music -Envoyé spécial Nr 821


Agency multimedia creation

Angie Interactive

Agency Angie Interactive

Festival de Cannes

Intro soundtrack – Caméra d’Or



ABC Mes 1ers mots - Oworld Software

Music & Sound design


News Republic - Mobile Republic

Sound design


Sound design & onomatopoiea


Sound design & onomatopoeia

Le Pendu Deluxe - Ahead solutions

Music – Sound design & onomatopoeia





Penguins vs Parrots - Ooki Games

Music – Sound design & onomatopoeia

L'Odyssée d'Alpha - Florilège

Music – sound design – voix

Marc Audibet

Fashion show music

L Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués

Sound teaching

La Prod JV





Sound design – ROBOSTORY

Centre National de la Bande-Dessinée et de l'Image

Music – Bird Brained

Arforia4 logo pour site HP Soundesign

Augmented reality studio Arforia

lvmh + samaritaine2 logo pour site HP Soundesign

Virtual visit




In the Sound Department of HERGES Production since 2012, Dominique Hergès, composer and sound designer for film, television and digital arts works closely  with his son Arnaud Hergès,    musician, arranger and producer. Their combined skills ensure you a 360° coverage of your audio needs.


IMG_4024 2 mains

Dominique Hergès

Composer / sound designer / consultant

Background : classic and contemporary musician

Instruments : piano & keyboards

Tools : black & white keys, software and vsti

XP : 35+

Bonus point : melody that catch your mind…


Arnaud Hergèsphotoarnaud2

Musician / arranger / consultant

Background : classic and recent music

Instruments : drums-percussions / guitar / bass

tools: skins and strings, software and vsti

XP : 15+

Bonus point : multi-styles arrangements


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