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oOki, a tailor-made sound universe

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logo-ookiDomain / Music creation and sound design for a Facebook – Mobile – tablet-  game  / Illustration of a close collaboration between the Ooki studio, based in Villeurbanne (North of France) and Herges Production.

Context / Penguins vs parrots is a Chess-like strategy game, where penguins and parrots are waging a ruthless war. The characters take place on a checkerboard and environments relate to the natural element of their protagonists area (jungle and ice).

Objective / Strengthen assets and character design in a cartoon world without falling into a childish atmosphere. Ally a “mature warrior” environment with “fun and quirky” characters.

Elements produced / Assets and interface sound design  – onomatopoeia for penguins and parrots – background music for environments – orchestrated theme music for different times of the game

Réalisation /


Ambiances musicales environnements : According to the specifications provided by oOki: research sounds and sfx on assets in a fun style and creation / recording of onomatopoeia in an voluntarily “off-warrior” register. Each onomatopoeia was created according to the species (penguins and parrots), but also the function, build etc … Post production of  these elements (undercoats etc …) for a dynamic rendering. Sound research  in relation to the wood and stone for the interface.




Music :Client Specifications: military-style music but always in a fun and quirky register. The Ooki studio guided us into different video links of a powerful military band, we wrote an original theme orchestrated by brass (tuba, trumpet essentially), piccolos, fifes etc … In order to make his way into the game, weight of files,  length of sounds should not exceed 45 seconds. Once validated, Ooki asked us to sing the theme for the penguins. A chorus of penguins singing the melody was recorded (trade secret), bringing a fun touch to the whole. Everything was cut to the key moments of the game (start, success, failure, etc. …).

Some post-treatments have been made on some elements to ensure integrated mobile and pc speakers optimization.

In the end, Herges Production, well guided by the Ooki studio, took great pleasure in designing a comprehensive and coherent universe for penguins vs. parrots.


To hear the trailer:

You can hearth whole thing  by connecting to your Facebook account and seeking “penguins vs. parrots”.