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Video Production


Creativity – Quality – Competitiveness

A film remains the most telling and the most direct way to boost your visibility.

Within minutes, it shows a lot, seduce and draw attention.

Video has become a full-fledged media, and with Internet, it gains  immediate access without boundaries.

Herges Production helps their clients to express their best skills.

According to the process: design shooting – editing. Our team develops with you, in form and in substance, the audiovisual project that  match your needs.



Whatever your activity or business, a moving images communication can help you:

Since May 2007, we achieved:

See our « Music & Sound design » for your post-production needs :




Click to view our projects:


Albert Boton

A world renowned typographer

CAB Service Prestige

Car rental with driver

Fun Science

Workshops for children

Association AJC

Conference capture & Adeximo

Real Estate of company


Handcrafted wooden houses


Région Ile de France

Associative regional support

Association Science Technologie Société

Meeting capture


Mobile planetariul

Restauration des terrains en montagne - Office National des forêts

Mountain conservation

Musée de Cerdagne

Traditional workshop

Festival Saint-Béat

Marble & Sculpture Festival

Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage

Pyrenean agent’s mission


Pastoralism rushes

La Verna

Caving session in La Verna


Regional radio station

Pyrenean food

Pyrenean food

Astronomical Observatory

Astronomical Observatory



Pyrenees mountains

Pyrenees mountains





Herges Production is a creative intergenerational cell who came from artistic and commercial background, with experience around the image and sound modules.

The 4 stages of production – concept, filming, editing, mixing – are processed as a whole. Depending on the case, we group our various expertise to design a tailor-made communication:



Lucie Hergès
Content Editor and Writer
Hergès Production CEO

Background: Classic academy – Modern writing

Career: Teaching in Strasbourg, Advertising and publishing in Paris

Skill: A message concentrate WORDS and MEANING

XP: 35+

Bonus point: Article writer and published writer (Interview Book for éditions Stock)



Olivier Hergès
Director / cameraman / editor
Background: Cergy Pontoise  National Art School from 1991 to 1996 – DNSEP (Master degree) with jury’s award

Experience: photographer, graphic-designer / Post-production: color, titles, SFX
Autoproductions and experimental videos: poetic allegories, music clips, short cuts  Professional production: story, capture, corporate film, advertising …

XP: 15+
Bonus point:  Founder of  TV Izard – Always on a good mood ; observe and listen carefully, forged by nature



For sound capture and post production, see « Music et Sound design » :

Dominique Hergès
Composer / sound designer / consultant

Arnaud Hergès
Musician / arranger /consultant


Remember that video is a valuable asset for SEO (Search Engines Optimization)!

Our webmaster David Rakoto can help you launch your own site and advise you on any web matter subject.




TV IZARD shoots Spirit of the Pyrenees

Proximity and elevation channel, movies on the road …

Follow the various crossings of a hiker-director filming places, people, memories, activities and pyrenean way of life.

An ambitious fresco, gradually unveiled on the web TV channel Izard.

Our team continued keeps on  developing and broadcasting this initiative, supported by Datar Pyrenees.

Our purpose? Offer a journey  in unique yet still preserved natural places, authentic content, promote mountain values​​, create a link between residents and visitors to give birth to the spirit of the Pyrenees …

You can help to promote this beautiful land by support this project!

We are still looking for partners to organise the editing  of many videos in exchange for generic logos.

At your disposal for any information, communication elements …

Hergès Production  +33 1 47 49 31 00 / +33 6 86 84 43 39


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